Bulk IP Lookup / Batch IP Checker

Find the location of multiple IP addresses

Optional add-on, in beta. Please see Note 2 below.
  • A fluid spreadsheet like interface to visualize IP location on a map
    - Sort & rearrange columns. Search across all data
    - Zoom in on a specific IP. Add / remove markers on the map
    - Export the spreadsheet as CSV, Excel, PDF
  • Download IP location data as JSON, CSV, XML, YAML
  • Analyze up-to 1000 IPs per request ( or up-to 100 IPs with hostname lookup enabled ).
    For a large dataset (hundreds of thousands or millions of IPs), please contact us.
Notes :
  1. * A subscription is required for full access. Free usage (i.e. without API key) is limited to 25 IPs per request. Each IP counts as a separate lookup towards your plan limit.
  2. Hostname lookup is an optional add-on (currently in beta). Please contact us for pricing / details and to enable it for your subscription.
  3. Access to maps is not part of the IP lookup subscription. It is provided free of charge currently. This may change in future.
  4. The bulk IP address lookup tool takes in multiple IPs as input and displays fields like IP address, City, Region, Country, Continent, EU membership, Postal/Zip Code, Latitude, Longitude, Timezone, Country Calling Code, Currency, Languages, Organization, ASN.